Olaplex at Pink & Rose Pinner, Harrow.

Olaplex is the revolutionary hair treatment known as a bong multiplier, is formulated to repair broken disulphide bonds in the hair. Created to repair and limit hair damage during bleaching and colour treatments, Olaplex is an add-on service that allows hair stylists to take your hair colour to new heights!

This 2 step in-salon service can be added to any colour service or booked as a stand-alone service to help restore hair back to health.

Hair colour can of course continue to be carried out without Olaplex but what Olaplex helps do is create colour options that couldn’t be possible without it. For example – Kim Kardashian’s famous black to blonde hair in just one day was possible thanks to Olaplex! As a superfan of Olaplex, Kim Kardashian attributes her damage-free bleached blonde hair to Olaplex.


Traditionally, bleaching hair can break the disulphide bonds within hair fibres leaving hair damaged, broken, split and parched of nutrients – by rebonding these broken blonds Olaplex allows higher levels of bleach to be put onto the hair such that lighter shades can be created to achieve the look you want.

Available at Pink & Rose Salon Pinner, Harrow with your colour treatment, Olaplex also helps lock in colour for longer lasting results.


OLAPLEX Available From £30

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