Winter Body care

Winter can wreak havoc on skin and while we may have our facial skincare routines down to a tee it’s easy to forget your body skin needs the same care and attention this time of year


  1. Hands and Feet


Its easy to forget about these when popping them in to socks and gloves all day but the skin on hands and feet can often suffer most in the harsh winter weather so always get a rich foot cream and hand cream to keep skin and nails conditioned.


  1. Dry Body Brush Daily


It takes a moment and can be done before you jump into the shower. Dry body brushing is great to remove and dry, flaking skin over the body and improve circulation for healthier skin and to help uptake any products you put on the skin after.


  1. Moisturise daily


The best time to moisture skin is after a shower. The skin is clean and softened from the heat of the shower to better able to uptake the nourishment of a good body moisturizer. Massage the cream all over skin to keep skin soft and supple all day.

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