Why you need a Nanokertin Treatment now!

What is it: Nanokeratin smoothing treatments at Pink & Rose, similar to brazillian blowdries, are a smoothing not straightening treatment to help eliminate frizz and damage is unmanageable hair.

What are the benefits: The smoothing treatment helps restore damaged hair with the protein keratin that it has lost sue to heat styling, environmental factors and hair dye. By infusing keratin back into the hair fibres, hair lengths are left stronger and healthier with a smooth sleek finish to otherwise fizzy and coarse hair.

The nanokeratin smoothing treatment is not a straightening treatment and as such, any natural curl, wave or shape to the hair will not be lost. But the nanokertain smoothing treatment at Pink & Rose, Pinner, can help to make hair more manageable and reduce at-home blow-drying time too.

What do we use: The nanokeratin systems are all formulated to be safe and effective for all hair types for long lasting, effective results!

How long do results last: results can last upto 12 weeks and as hair is styled, washed and grows maintenance treatments are required.

Nanokeratin Smoothing Treatment
Available at Pink & Rose, Pinner
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