Wavy Hair How-To’s

Wavy hair can look super chic, beach ready and totally elegant. But getting the right waves for your hair and your style can be tricky. We’ve noted our 3 tips below to get your waves on point whatever your look.


  1. Start with the basics


Understanding your natural hair is imperative to creating waves that will work – and last – in your hair. If you’re naturally curly allow it to air dry, whilst scrunching it in sections in the palms of your hands to encourage a soft, textured, tousled look. For straight hair use a round brush to curl small sections as you blow-dry it and finish it by gently tousling the curls through your fingers for a lasting look.


  1. Pick your products


Picking the right products for your hair can encourage waves to last through the day and night. Go for a lightweight mousse through hair when blow drying and styling it to maintain the definition of curls. For curly hair, a curl control serum or curl defining spray works well to enhance the effects of the scrunching.


  1. Colour your curls


If waxy, tousled hair is a look you want to make your signature style or at least boast often then consider adding some lighter streaks of your natural hair colour to run through your lengths. Tonality and subtle varieties of the same shade can add plenty of texture to hair creating that sun-kissed, effortless, beach-waves look!

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