Want Pastel Hair? Read This!

Thinking about going paster this summer or festival season?

At Pink & Rose we would be delighted to help you make the change to a rose gold, pretty purple, candyfloss pink or light grey – whatever you fancy really!

But before you take the pastel plunge we have some notes worthy of taking into account!


Will I need Bleach?

In most cases, yes. Unless you have naturally light blonde or already pre-lightened hair we will need to bleach your hair down to as light a blonde as possible in order for it to the pastel hue to show through in the shade you want.


Is it Permanent?

It can be. We can provide a range of demi-permanent and wash-out options depending on how committed you want to be!


How about removing it.

Both the demi-permanent and wash-out options will fade over short to long periods depending on how light or bleached your hair is. But it can be removed professionally with in our salon with a specialised remover – or you can lighten your hair again via bleach depending on how blonde/light you wish to go back to being.


How much does it cost?

Bleaching hair is charged at £39 at Pink & Rose while the tint for all your hair would be £65.

We can estimate it would be between £65 to £109 however its always best to come in for a consultation first for the best advice and most accurate quote.


Can I have a consultation for pastel hair?

All our colour consultations at Pink & Rose are complimentary and include a patch test, required 48 hours prior to your hair colouring booking, as well as time with the stylist so you can tell them exactly what you’re looking for! Photos are always helpful and as part of the consultation we will also carry out a strand test – which involves trimming a small section of your hair and carrying out the bleach/colour treatment on that prior to your appointment to see what the results will look like for you on all of your hair.


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