Valentine’s Day Nails

V-Day is upon us and what better time to have a little bit of fun with some DIY Valentine’s nails!

All you’ll need is your favourite nail polish shades of Pink & Red and an orange stick or tooth pick! We went with OPI’s Mod About You, The Thrill of Brazil & La-Pazitevely Hot.


Begin by painting each nail with two coats of any of the colours. Have fun with the colour combination & go with whatever you fancy!

Next, add a heart. Start by dropping a blob of polish on the nail and using the corner of the brush tip just drag a little bit of the blob down to create the bottom point of the heart.


Drop another blob onto the nail next to the first blob and again, drag it down to meet the bottom point of the heart.


Use a toothpick or orange stick to neaten the heart where required by spreading the polish and enhancing the look of the bottom  point. Then have fun with the rest of the nails Рcreate dots, line & whatever else tickles your fancy!

Finish with a layer of Top Coat and leave nails to dry. And there, DIY nails done!Happy Valentine’s Day!

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