Understand your hair better today

Before you can even think about the right hair care routine or products for your hair, its best to understand what type of hair you have and cater to it accordingly. Pink & Rose Hairdressers can help you do just that!


  1. Blonde Hair


Blonde hair can often appear or feel parched from regular bleaching so it’s always best to maintain hair strength and condition with regular olaplex treatments – particularly when bleaching strands. And always use a colour balancing silver shampoo to prevent brassiness or yellowing of bright blonde tones.


  1. Long Hair


Regular trims is key to maintain healthy lengths and keeping it looking fresh. When applying a conditioner or hair masque really massage it into the scalp to help boost circulation and maintain a healthy scalp – it is after all where beautifully long lengths begin!


  1. Curly Hair


Beautiful in its own right curly hair needn’t be straightened to have it looking tamed! Use a curl care range of hair products to enhance and define curls. Always use a diffuser when drying hair and if leaving it to dry naturally, scrunch the products into curls to eliminate frizz and add definition to curls.


  1. Dry Hair


Hair oils can be wonderfully indulgent for dry hair sufferers. After washing hair run the oil through lengths and wrap hair in a towel for 10-15 minutes before rinsing and conditioning. The added nourishment will help tame static hair too.


  1. Dyed Hair


To keep colour looking fresh use colour lock serums to keep your colour vibrant and healthy. Matching colour care shampoos and conditioners is best to ensure the colour isn’t stripped away with each wash.

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