Trend Alert: Why you need a new hair colour now

Ever fancied getting a total new look? Well going for the chop is not the only way to transform your look in an instant – think hair colour too! Whether it’s a change that’s been long coming or just an end-of-summer sudden want; changing your hair colour can be a fabulous and fun way to update your style.


But before you decide what’s best for you, read through our top hair colour tips below.


The Commitment

If it’s a full all-over colour change you’re thinking about good on you! But whilst its exciting and brave – don’t forget that if it’s a colour too drastically different from yours you will need root touch ups every 4-6 weeks to keep the colour refreshed.


The Condition

The condition of your hair matters greatly when thinking about colour. Any shade that requires bleach – highlights, an all-over or even fashion colour such as dip dye – can dry out your hair which, if is dry or damaged to begin with can lead to breakages and severely damaged lengths. It’s something our Stylists at Pink & Rose always consider before touching hair with dye.


The Colour

At Pink & Rose we are all for change ups and fashion colour – we love transforming our clients with a new look! But what we always advise is matching the shade you want to go to your skin tone. It can be a subtle change, classic highlights or a fashionable ombre – we can create the look you want with the shade of dye best matched to your skin tone. This helps enhance both your hair and your complexion to look healthy and lustrous.


The Colourist

Picking the right stylist is important. As well as ensuring they understand exactly the look you want – it’s also about understanding (and being honest about!) what will suit you. Our team of experts at Pink & Rose always begin colour treatments with a thorough consultation to discuss what you want to create and to carry out a patch test 48 hours before the treatment.


The consideration from your Beautician!

Eyebrows – whether your matching them to your hair or going for a drastic difference, always consider what you want to do with your eyebrows when you dye your hair. While tinting brows to match your hair can be done easily it’s important to take a look at your brows natural state to best understand how to match them to your new look!

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