Top Tips for Baby Hair


Baby hair; Gorgeous as it is unpredictable. Some are beautifully bald and others cutely coiffed. But whatever your baby’s natural hair is like, there is plenty you can be aware of and do to care for it.


Hair Loss

If your baby was born with a beautiful head of hair, it may start to shed over the first 6 months due to changes in their hormones and growth. It’s perfectly normal so fear not – it will grow back nice and healthy!


Spotty Dotty

Babies spend most of their time lying on their back and often in warm, wrapped up clothing. As a result, the rubbing of their head and hair will likely further the shedding – particularly at the back of their head where they rest it most causing a little baby bald spot. Cute as it may be, there are ways to improve the appearance by evening out the shedding. If you notice your baby rests their head in one particular way always, try adjusting how they lie to avoid a prominent bald spot.


Time Matters

Just like adults, baby hair can grow at different speeds, to different lengths and in a whole host of textures and colours. It may be that your baby grows a full head of hear by 6 months but for some, it may take to being a toddler before this is the case. There is no right time so don’t feel the need to worry or fret about it.



Baby hair, however full a head your little one might have, is still much finer than adult hair and as a result, more fragile too. So it is best to prevent hair from getting dry or damaged to help avoid it shedding.


Dry Scalp

New-borns produce less natural oils in their scalps than adults, and shampooing hair more often than required can cause the scalp to get dry and irritated. Washing your baby’s head when they bathe is fine but its recommended to avoid shampooing it more than twice a week. It’s also important to use a baby-friendly shampoo that is hypoallergenic, mild and fragrance free.


No more Knots

When shampooing hair, natural oils within the scalp and strands can be washed away, leaving hair dry and more prone to knotting. But often, using a conditioner can leave fine baby hair heavy or greasy so try a baby-friendly spray on conditioner for effective but light coverage. Spray through the locks to help de-tangle away any knots without pain or shedding. Leave the conditioner in hair for a few minutes before gently running a baby comb or fine hairbrush through any knots that had formed.


Bows and Ties

Accessorising your baby’s hair do is something most parents love doing! And whilst it can look utterly adorable it is important to keep clips and accessories to a comfortable level. Babies can often get irritated with such items and along with pulling them out, can pluck away strands of hair too! Softer hand bands and accessories may be more comfortable for them to lie on or leave alone – so may come with extra staying power!

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