Tips for a longer lasting tan!

For those of us still clinging on to summer skin – whether that’s topping it up with self tan or protecting the glow of our recent summer getaway – weve got a few quick tips to help enhance the look of your tan that little bit longer!

  1. Moisturise more!

Moisturising your skin can help balance dryness and dehydration in the skin caused by time in the sun. Hot dry air easily strips away moisture from the skin so keeping skin hydrated will help prevent your tanned skin flaking away or needing to be scrubbed off! Keeping skin well nourished will also help give your tan a more even and healthy appearance!

  1. Use SPF Protection

It may seem counterintuitive to promote your tan whilst also protecting against the sun. But wearing an SPF is extremely important to prevent the rays that caused that tan doing harmful damage to the skin. The suns UV rays can damage skin cells and wearing an SPF with UVA and UVB protection can help prevent and reduce it. Opt for a gradual, slow building tan in a bottle to help top up sans the UV rays!

  1. Lighten your hair

That’s right! Going for gold, warm or blonde tones through the lengths of your hair and around the face can enhance the warm, deep tones of your tan making your post holiday look last that bit longer! Subtle colour like balayage or a t-section of highlights can be the simple but effective way to enhance the look of your summer skin in an afternoon!

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