The Benefits of Balayage

Balayage. A term we’ve all heard of but not all of us are quiet sure exactly what it is – at least that’s what we find at Pink & Rose Salon when clients enquire about it. Well in our quick guide below we summarise what balayage is and what the benefits of this hair colour technique can be for you.


  1. Natural Looking results


Unlike foil highlights, balayage is provides a much softer, more natural looking results. The shades used in balayage will be a few shades lighter than your natural hair colour but not as light as with highlights. This gives hair more of a subtle sun-kissed effect rather than a transformative lighter- all-over-look.


  1. It is completely bespoke


Because it’s a freehand technique balayage can be completely bespoke to your hair colour, length and desired result. Our stylists at Pink & Rose find the consulation to be the most important part of any trewatment – especially a balayage. Colour is subtley brought through the lengths and gradually built up for lighter ends.


  1. Long or short – it doesn’t matter


Balayage is ideal for any length of hair and can be created to be seen in any style. The main benefit of balayage is that because it is created very gradually through the lengths when hair is growing out, there will be no roots showing up or regrowth that you need seen to. SO it allows for flexibility between appointments!


Balayage at Pink & Rose Salon, Pinner

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