The 2 Year Update!

This week, as its been exactly 2 full years since taking over Two4Two Salon and launching Pink & Rose, Salon Owner Priyanca Patel sheds some light on the highs and lows of her journey so far! From life as the ‘boss’ to her favourite team member and all memorable moments in between – read up on it all below!


What have the first 2 years of salon life been like?

Scary and incredible all in one! My first year was the quickest and most varied form of education I have ever received! Understanding plumbing & electrics was never something I thought I would need to learn as quickly as I did and that was probably the smallest section of all the lessons owning a small business has taught me! My second year was certainly more settled and just more fun because once you’ve got the ‘taking over’ and ‘setting up’ all done – you can get really creative, have some fun and actually focus more on the team rather than just the business as a whole.


Worst moment of the two years?

Definitely when we had the fire in the salon! From the sheer panic at seeing the vast flames to figuring out what to do – it was an absolutely terrifying day! What came out of the experience though? The pride you feel seeing your team compose themselves, work together and help put it out – and being able to laugh about the whole experience now!


Best moment of the two years?

Fetching my bag at the end of a work day and seeing lay on top of it a card from one of my team members – written just to say thank you for the support, guidance and development she’s received from me.


Favourite Team Member?

Charlie our salon dog – mainly because he has endless cuddles waiting for me whenever I’m stressed!


Best bit about being the boss?

Businesses are unpredictable; from quiet days to personal struggles we all face – its nice to have the freedom to be able to make and implement spontaneous decisions that I know will help team morale, team spirit and team bonding!


Worst bit about being the boss?

When the salon succeeds – its because of your team, always. But when the salon has failings – its because of me and no-one else. It is a motto I realised I feel all the time and because it’s something I always stand by its a constant reminder not to fail; lots of pressure!


Three words to describe life as a small business owner?

Unpredictable. Rewarding. Educational.


What awaits this next year?

Growing the salon’s offering, keeping our hair sector exciting, plenty of team and skills development and hopefully lots of fun along the way too! Its been such an incredible couple of years and so much of that comes down to our lovely and loyal clients who I want to say a huge thank you to – I hope I can continue to make Pink & Rose an amazing salon for you guys this year!


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