Summer Hair Tips

The sun is (finally) shining upon London – much to the delight for those of us choosing a staycation this summer! But whether is the british summer you’re enjoying or a summer-getaway you’ve got planned we’ve rounded up our top tips for your summer hair care routine.

UV Protection

A must for skin, it’s also a must for hair! Shampoos conditioners and sprays specifically dedicated to protecting hair from the sun’s damaging UV rays are readily available and a great way to keep hair from drying out and coloured hair fading. Infused with UV filters these products coat hair fibres to lock in moisture and prevent frizziness too!

Sand Damage

We’ve all faced it – the dread of washing sand out of long locks after a day at the beach! Tangle Teezers are a shampooists best friend – as well as detangling and smoothing out hair at the basins, they are a great way comb out any sand leftover from a swim in the sea, particularly when used with a rich conditioner through lengths first.

Condition, condition & condition!

Masques can be a total hair saviour in the summer seasons. A deep conditioning masque can restore moisture in hair dried by the sun, salty sea water and chlorinated pool water. Pop one on for five minutes in the shower to help the hot steam infuse it deep into hair follicles. Or better yet – pop one on while your sunbathing!

Seal with a Serum

Humidity can often cause even the sleekest of hair to frizz up so always keep a hair serum or oil to hand! pump a small amount into the palms of hands and rub through the lengths avoiding the roots. Do this after blow-drying hair or even throughout the day to keep frizz under control.

Pop into to see your Hairdresser

Regular visits to the hairdresser means any damage to hair can be felt with immediately to restore hair back to its best health. And regular trims help prevent split ends from occurring to keep haircuts looking fresh and hair looking healthy!

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