Shockingly Easy Ways to Reduce Dark Circles Now!


Take a read of our 3 tips to tackling dark circles now!

  1. Exfoliate


Now this might sound rather harsh for the delicate eye area but using a very gentle exfoliant is the key! Try something homemade like fine sugar mixed into some honey for an all-natural solution. Dab a dot onto your ring finger and gently work in small circles all around the eyes, from inside to out for no longer than a few seconds.

This will help stimulate circulation to open and brighten the eyes for a fresher look!

BEST TIME TO DO IT: before a big event. It’s a temporary but worthy result perfect to prep eyes before a big night and especially ideal pre-eye-makeup application!


  1. Eyecream/spf

Protecting against damaging UV rays from the sun is a sure-fire way to help prevent pigmentation and sun damage, particularly around the delicate eye area. Opt for a light but spf infused eyecream to dab on in the day before you head out.

BEST TIME TO DO IT: Daily! Rain or shine UV rays are present in the atmosphere everyday so keep well protected particularly in the summer months


  1. Opt for Sunnies!

Sunglasses are a great way to help further block UV rays but the suns brightness can often cause us to squint more than we know! Avoid wrinkles forming around the eyes by opting for sunglasses on sunny days – itll also help prevent tire and dehydrate the eye area in the heat preventing dark circles and fine lines too!

BEST TIME TO DO IT: Always keep your sunnies handy for even the slightest hint of sunshine all year to help protect eyes as often as possible.

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