Spring 2018 Beauty Tips

As the weather transitions from the winter season to the spring its important to realise the effects that can have on your skin and body too! Follow the simple steps below with the help of Pink & Rose Hair Salon, Pinner to blossom your beauty routine into spring


  1. Spring Clean!


Give all your makeup and hair brushes a good clean! Its something that’s easy to forget but over time build-up of makeup, hair, skin, and dirt will accumulate on brushes causing them to spread the bacteria with continued use. It can also help keep them lasting much longer!


  1. Body Brush


Body brushing only takes a few moments but the results can be incredible! Over the winter months our skin can get drier and dehydrated leaving it looking dull, dry and even flaky. Use a body brush to help exfoliate away dead, dull skin at the surface and help improve circulation to the skin too. Simply start at the feet working your way up to the next, gently buffing the body brush in firm circles in an upward motion. Do this before every shower for quick results!


  1. De-Fuzz


Hair removal. Something we are all guilty of forgetting about during the winter months! From not getting your legs out in the cold to just wanting the extra warmth – waxing is something we aren’t always on top of when it gets cold.

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