Turn Over-Processed Hair Healthy now!

What is Over-processed hair?

hair can become damaged over time due to a various combination of factors including bleaching and heat styling as well as environmental factors such as pollution and weather.


What does over-processed hair feel and look like?

Over-processed hair feels incredible damaged. Signs such as brittle lengths, split ends, dullness and lots of tangles point towards over-processed hair!


What can you do?

When it comes to dying hair, opting to get it done in salon really can help! Stylists are the experts on hair colour and they can advise best on how to achieve the colour you want with the least damage – from treatments such as Olaplex to deep conditioners at the basin – they can help create a range of options to save damaged hair without breaking the bank. 

Investing in the right range of hair care products for your hair can also make the world of a difference! Protective heat oils and sprays to coat strands before straightening, drying or curling can help prevent further damage. And products such as leave-in conditioners and weekly hair masques help combat the harsh effects of cold winters and dry summers for your hair too.

And lastly – never ever underestimate just how much a visit to the hairdressers can make! A good trim can help keep hair healthier for longer by removing and preventing split ends. So invest the time and effort into keeping your hair looking and feeling fabulous for longer!

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