Pink and Rose Beauty Salon, Pinner London

Rose Beauty

Banish the Bags

Cotton pads dipped in ice-cold rose water are a simple and effective way to help eliminate puffiness from tired eyes. Gently place the soaked pads over eyes for 15 minutes and follow with a nourishing moisturizer.

Summer Spritz

Rosewater is a gorgeous way to keep refreshed through summer and hydrate parched skin. Keep some in a small spritz bottle for an easy way to freshen your skin on the move, or use a rosewater soaked muslin at the end of the day to revive heated, dry skin for some cooling nourishment.

Turn your home into a spa

Adding 2 cups of rose water to your bath can instantly uplift at the end of a busy day. The emollient properties of rose allow it to soften skin and help eliminate dryness – not to mention the floral essence that will leave skin beautifully scented for hours after.

Rosy Glow

Brilliant at removing make-up, rose water combined with natural coconut oil will help effectively wipe away all traces of products on the skin and cleanse it deeply. Rose water’s natural cooling properties also make it a great toner, leaving skin clean and prepped ready to massage in a moisturizer.

So as it turns out, roses aren’t just for making Valentines day bouquets beautiful but making your skin just beautiful too.

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