Rich Repair Winter Hair Therapy


The Pink & Rose Rich Repair Winter Hair Therapy

With L’Oreal Absolute Repair Lipidium


Winter is great – Christmas comes around, bringing along the wonders of Xmas TV with it! It’s a great time of year to reflect on the months gone by and let’s face it, nothing beats a warm snuggled night in when it’s cold outside.

But the one thing winter does destroy – is our hair! Sadly, the cold air and strong winds can strip away vital moisture from the scalp and lengths causing hair to get dry, damaged and more static or frizzy as a result.

And so, to the rescue comes our exclusive hair therapy to help revive hair back health and prevent further damage.


So how does it work?

Step one: The gentle cleanse

The treatment begins with a double cleanse to lift away any grease or build up through the lengths and scalp – and with L’Oreal Absolute Repair Lipidium Shampoo’s nourishing and rich velvety formula we ensure no excess oils are stripped away from the scalp, but instead, acts a first line of care to infuse moisture back into the hair.


Step two: The Masque

Created with the Lipidium Complex, L’Oreal’s Absolute Repair Lipidium Masque is massaged into the scalp and lengths to nourish and strengthen lengths. Hair fibres are left stronger, and more resistant to environmental stressors, protecting hair from further dryness and damage.


Step three: The Wrap

Hair is then wrapped up to allow the masque to cover th scalp and lengths, before being placed under a warming dryer. The heat helps the masque infuse into hair, penetrating hair fibres where it can nourish deeply. Heat treatments have the added benefit of increasing circulation and blood flow to the hair and scalp too.

Step four: The Finishing Touch

Once left on for about 20 minutes, the hair is unwrapped and washed through to leave it looking and feeling more nourished. Your Pink & Rose Stylist will complete the treatment with a quick rough dry but is always at hand to upgrade this to a blow-dry of your choice. Straight and sleek or big and bouncy – just let them know and they will work their magic!


Rich Repair Winter Therapy £19 | 30 mins

Exclusive to Pink & Rose Hair Salon | 45 Bridge Street, Pinner, HA5 3HR | 020 8866 6982

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