Restyle tips for 2018

January has kicked off 2018 with a bang! And if youre considering a new style or colour change to give yourself a style refresh then heres 3 important things to consider before making the commitment!


  1. What do you want from your new look?


Speaking to your stylist about why you want a new look is just as important as picking out your new style! If its something dramatic youre looking for your stylist can advise you on everything from length and style to colour and fringes. Knowing your options can help you pick something you wont just love when you walk out the salon but will love for the rest of the year!


  1. Think about maintenance


We all know the disappointment of leaving the salon with a look you love but then never being able to recreate it at home after your next hairwash. Your stylist can help you with aftercare for your new style, show you the right products and how to use them at home to get the most out of your look and even advise on the final style to ensure you can keep it looking lovely effortlessly at home!


  1. Choose colour over a chop


Colour can be a brilliant way to brighten up or change your style altogether. Colour is much more versatile, easier to change and can always be brought back to your natural colour if you need. But its not always as quick to grow your hair back! Always get a strand test before you commit to your colour so you have a tangible sample of the colour your hair will be and quality of you hair once dyed too.

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