Olaplex Client Q & A

Olaplex is fast gaining popularity with colour clients due to its transformational effects! It is formulated to help repair the broken bonds in hair caused by bleach and heat styling – said to result in healthier hair after each colour treatment. So we decided to find out first hand from one of our regular colour clients what she thought of Olaplex!


Q: What made you try Olaplex

A: I get my roots done monthly and I wanted to prevent any damage to my hair a result of the frequent dyeing so I decided to try it.


Q: How did you find it when in your hair

A: I am normally scratching my head off when the colour gets put on because like most people, I experience a little itching with the dye. But with olaplex my scalp is so much less irritated I’m not scratching away!


Q: How did you find the results

A: For me, it’s made my brunette hair look shinier and silkier and it feels softer too!


Q: Will you be getting it again?

A: Definitely! I always include it my root tint now because it’s a real investment into maintaining my hair health.


Olaplex from £30

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