Pink and Rose hair goals

New Year hair goals you need to make

Turn down the heat

Heat styling can really cause damage to hair over time; particularly when done daily or in excess. Take a break from heat styling hair and in just a couple of months the difference can be huge! Allow hair to air dry on days in and consider a salon blow dry often too – these last longer so you don t have to fuss with daily styling at home and our Pink & Rose stylists can tailor the right products for your hair to each blow-dry to help protect hair from heat damage.


Wrap it up

15 minutes a week. That’s all you need for a little hair indulgence! Shampoo hair twice in the shower and massage in a hair masque suited to your hair type; wrap a towel around, pop a bath robe on and relax for 15 minutes before washing your hair through again. A weekly hair masque can help combat dryness, frizz and lacklustre locks – especially this time of the year where cold winds and drying air from indoor heating can wreak havoc with your hair.


Invest the time

We are all blessed with beautiful hair in all forms. From thick and curly, to straight and long. But keeping your natural hair at its best requires a little bit of time and care to truly understand how to find and use the right products for your hair. And doing so can even make your hair more manageable at home and less time consuming to style. Understanding which shampoos, conditioners and hair masques is easy – simply speak to your Pink & Rose stylist at your next visit and they can advise on the right home haircare routine for you as well as the best in-salon services to see you through the year!


Protect and restore

Whether you colour your hair or not Olaplex can be a hair saviour for those suffering from hair damage, thinning and breakage. The bond restructuring formula helps strengthen broken hair strands to help rebuild thicker, longer, healthier hair. At Pink & Rose Hairdressers, Pinner, we offer a stand-alone olaplex service or as an add-on to existing colour appointments. Find out more on olaplex here.


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