NanoKeratin Benefits

Our Nanokeratin Treatment is a popular one and although it is a long treatment – 2hours in total! The benefits see our clients returning time and time again for their top up! So what exactly are these benefits? Take a look below

1. Nanokeratin is not a conditioning treatment – it works from the inside out!

The nanokeratin treatment, also known popularly as ‘Brazillian Blow-Outs’ is a treatment in which keratin is deposited back into damaged, dry or broken hair to restore it back to health. Keratin, protein naturally found in hair is often stripped away or broken down when hair is overprocessed, damaged, dry or heat styled constantly. The result? Stronger, reinforced hair thats healthier and can also retain nourishment and water to help eliminate frizz.

2. Results last for months!

Nanokeratin results last for upto 12 weeks so thats 3 months of smoother, sleeker hair that’s frizz-free!

3. Hair is instantly shiny and smooth!

The nanokeratin treatment at Pink & Rose Pinner, Harrow takes approximately 2 hours to carry out, depending on the length and thickness of your hair, with the final stage of the service being to straighten hair with specialist titanium straighteners. These lock in the keratin molecules into hair fibres to leave your hair looking smoother and shinier before you’ve even left the salon!

Nanokeratin Treatments:Available from £120

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