The Right Nail Shapes for You

When it comes to manicures it’s so much more than getting your nails done!

Between picking the right nail polish shade and the right nail shape for your hands, it’s a surprise we ever described getting a manicure as a pampering relaxing treat!

Well, here to give you a helping hand so you’ve got more time to actually enjoy the manicure and the hand massage that goes with, we’ve got picking the right nail shape for you down to tee – along with revealing the best nail shades to go with those!


  1. The Square
Square Nail Shape

The more modern – and practical – of nail shapes, the square keeps nails short and trimmed with a flat, straight edge. Simple and not overly feminine, this shape is key for ladies with a subtle style and this shape of nails goes beautifully well with darker shades of nail polish.


  1. The Squoval
Squoval Nail Shape

Similar to the square, the squoval keeps nails short and straight edged but with slightly rounded corners. A much softer look, this shape looks great on ladies with long, slim fingers who prefer a low maintenance look – mostly because this nail shape looks clean and polished without a nail colour too!



  1. The Round
Round Nail Shape

The most classic of nail shapes round nails still remain a popular choice. Effective at enhancing the look of short or stuffy fingers, round nails help elongate the appearance of fingers and look particularly elegant with red or nude nail polish shades.



  1. The Oval
Oval Nail Shape

Similar to the round, the oval is kept only for long nails. Rounded evenly at the edge, oval nails work best for ladies with strong, healthy nails not prone to breaking to help maintain the length of this look. Whilst brighter shades can look lovely on oval nails there is the risk of them looking fake or less elegant so we recommend keeping them classy and edgy with grey or nude shades for added elegance.


Whether its long nails you have or short, round or square – caring for hands and nails is a must for everyone. Below are two quick tips to maintain healthy nails and hands


  1. Use a cuticle oil and hand moisturiser each evening before bed; massage into the skin and nail beds so they can nourish hands overnight.
  2. Maintain that mani! Keep up with a regular manicure at least once a month to help lift away overgrown cuticles and keep hands and nails looking great!

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