How to use a hair masque right

Hair masques sound great but often seem like far too much faff to indulge in! With our clear guide on how to use one, it wont just be super easy to apply it’ll also help to pick a masque that’s right for your hair.


  1. Know your hair


Applying the right products to your specific hair type is key to maintain healthy hair. Always ask your dtylist for advice if you are unsure. Hair, like skin, can range from dry to oily and combination in between. For particularly greasy scalps and hair clay masques are an option. Whilst dry or sensitive scalps can benefit from nourishing, natural oil based masques. For combination hair? Its all about the application!

  1. Applying right


Take small amounts of your chosen masque and work it through the scalp, gently massaging it all over. Next work a smaller amount through the lengths and using a wide comb, comb it through the hair, untangling any knots along the way. With combination hair such as oily scalps and dry ends – start by applying a generous amount to the lengths and finally any minor residue that’s on the hands can be rubbed through the scalp at the very end.


  1. Leaving it on


You can chose to leave it on for as long as you like. From 3 minutes in the shower to an indulgent 30 minutes with a towel wrapped around – as long as you leave it on for a few minutes at least you will help condition the hair. As to how often to do it, for particularly dry hair applying a masque weekly can be beneficial but try not to leave it longer that once a month!

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