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How to tackle Head Lice

Head lice is a common problem amongst children and one that needn’t get your head scratching to solve! With our simple and easy guide to tackling head your child can help keep hair free from nits all school year-round.


Identifying Head Lice


Visually check if it looks like lice. Often 3mm long and greyish-brownish in colour, lice are small insects. Lice eggs, or nits, are smaller, round and whiteish in colour. These can be combed out using specialist combs available at pharmacies and then inspected to confirm if what is on the comb are headlice.


What it feels like


Itchy and irritable! Head lice is not a result of dirty hair.




Hairdressers cannot treat headlice so it is best to avoid taking your child in to a salon during a lice concern to avoid any spread of headlice. Pharmacies often sell lotions, or foams, which can be applied to the hair to treat lice and nits. To be sure you can use the nit-comb to comb through hair alongside the lotion application to remove all dead lice and eggs clung to hair strands. All treatments are different and it is important to follow the instructions on the lotion packaging carefully.




Check all family members for lice too as they can spread very easily between family members and friends. Also consider informing your child’s teacher if you have concerns about lice spreading to or from your child’s classmates.




Whilst there is no prevention for lice, it is important to regularly check your child’s hair for signs of headlice or nits and keep on top of any correspondence from their school of any headlice bouts in the children.

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