How to prep hair for Winter Sun!

Catching some holiday sunshine amidst a cold, dark winter is always a good idea! But prepping your hair for it is essential to prevent your hair getting stressed or damaged when suddenly going from cold to hot. At Pink & Rose Hairdressers, Pinner, Our simple steps can help you maintain beautiful hair before, during and after your trip!


Trim Ends

Prep your hair before you leave. Get that all essential trim before you jet away to keep ends of lengths fresh and healthy. The ends of hair are always the most prone to dryness and damage which can lead to split ends and extended damage into the lengths. Prevent needing to take off more than the minimal trim with a quick cut before you travel. Book your haircut here.


Strengthen Lengths

Reinforce hair strength with a stand-alone olaplex treatments before your holiday too. It strengthens hair, helping to repair any existing damage, as well as protecting it from further damage on holiday. By restoring broken bonds in the hair, lengths are left healthier and more resilient to sun, sea and snow. Book your olaplex treatment here.


Protect Hair

Just like you would never leave that all important bottle of suncream behind on a summer vacation – don’t forget to protect hair from UV rays! Investing in a shampoo and conditioner with added UV protection saves your hair from sun damage, preserving its condition. Harmful UV rays can strip hair of moisture, as well damage the strands themselves so protecting hair fibres is essential.


Seal Locks

Seal hair serums through the day especially before swimming. Sea water and chlorine can strip hair of its essential natural oils and dry out lengths significantly. By using a serum, hair is protected with a delicate coating that helps smoothness, moisture retention and prevent frizz in humidity. An effortless solution for many holiday hair niggles!

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