How to get the most out of your curls

  1. Choose well


Picking the right products for your hair is key in defining and maintaining the look of your curls. Applying a little bit of mousse to roots can help volumise the look of hair if you find the weight of your curls give you a flat look at the roots. A little bit of hairspray will also go a long way in helping keep your curls defined if you let them dry naturally without any heat styling tools.


  1. Know your tools


Whether your hair is naturally curly or you’re creating heat styled curls, using the right tool will help you greatly! For a soft, de-structured look to natural curls – more beach waves even – opt for a diffuser on the end of your hair dryer. It’ll help add volume and relax the look of particularly defined curls. For straight hair – curling tongs are best! Tongs help define the shape of curls for a more even look, and allow them to last longer than curls created with straighteners.


  1. Be Patient!


It takes most of us years to understand our hair! Naturally curly hair can be affected by everything from the way you sleep on wet hair, the products you use on it and even how you tie your hair up! Take the time to you think about how what you do affects your curls and itll better help you understand how best to treat it over time. With curling tongs – it can take a while to master! From accidentally touching the heated tong with your fingers to figuring out how best to hold the curler – you’ll get better with it all it just takes some time!

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