How to get the hair you want

We’ve all had it, that moment we look in the mirror and are disappointed with the hair we see. But changing your hair style, condition or colour must be done with care to get the result you want! Read Pink & Rose Hairdressers top tips now to help you achieve the hair you want


  1. Collate and collect


Browse hair images and magazines to find the styles you’re interested and make sure you keep them with you for your next hair appointment. Visuals are key for stylists when carrying out a consultation – it helps them better understand the look you are going for and judge it against the type of hair you have to see if it can be achieved.


  1. Consultations are key


Before committing to an appointment its best to book in a consultation. Here, your stylist can really take the time to understand what you are looking for and it gives you a chance to think through what’s discussed before you come in for the hair appointment itself.


  1. Listen to your stylist


In order to maintain salon quality hair at home it’s important to take the advice of your stylist. They are a professional for a reason – they can help you with all the tips, tricks and products you need to keep your hair looking and feeling great at home. Don’t hesitate to clarify any concerns and always ask them how best to use the products they recommend.

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