Healthy Winter Nails in 3 Steps!

Weatherproof your paws this winter against the cold, dry air and all the (hopefully) snowball fights that come with the winter showers! Whether its reviving your nail health or just preening your fingers for a festive manicure – we’ve got you covered with our easy steps!


Did you know

That on average, healthy nails contain just under 20% water. In the winter time, with bitter, cold winds outside and plenty of dry air from heaters indoor, moisture is easily lost from nails resulting in cracked and brittle tips.


So what’s the answer?

We always advise working inside out. Focus on drinking plenty of water to keep your hair, skin and nails hydrated from the inside.


Next, nourish from the outside in. Moisturising nails can help keep them flexible and supple to avoid breakages, the added nourishment will also help avoid skin splitting and chapping around the nails and cuticles.


Added Tip: Soak hands in warm water for a minute or two before moisturizing, or massage hands with a moisturizer just after a hot shower to help the emollient really work its way into the skin and nails.


Lastly, lock in the moisture and prevent further damage from environmental stressors by always wearing gloves and mittens when outdoor. Indoors, always include gloves in your washing up and cleaning routine as many household products include alcohol in their formulations, which can strip away natural moisture from the skin.


Added Tip: Always give your nails a break from nail polish to allow them to breathe. One week or even just a few days a month is always recommended!

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