Easy Peasy Halloween Nails

Last minute party mode panic is the worst – and even more so at halloween when you have the added {insert any animal} ears to faff with, layers of lace and wings of some sort to add to the mix too! So lets keep it super simple with these easy nail looks for any halloween outfit!

All you need is black and white polish and an orange stick – tooth picks will also do!


Begin with two coats of white polish


And now for the creative bit! Ghosts are probably the easiest to do in two simple steps.


Create a wavy border at the nail tip to begin with. Then add three simple blobs of black for the eyes and voila!


If dracula is more your then use the stick to create a heart-topped hair line at the nail bed along with two blobs for eyes


And lastly, dip the tip of the stick in the black polish and carefully dot on a curve for the mouth and two triangle lines each for the fangs!


Skulls and dots are also a great shout for halloween nails but our recommendation? Go with whatever you fancy! Its just about having a bit of fun!


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