Half-Term Haircare

Caring for your child’s hair

Half term is always a convenient time to get your child’s hair cut. But there’s plenty more you can do to care for your child’s hair and more importantly – that you can teach them about haircare too. Read out simple and easy considerations below to get your kid’s hair health of to the best start!


Detangle to destress

Knotty hair can be a huge problem for children – from the discomfort of having tangled lengths to the pain of combing through it all. The best thing for this is prevention. When shampooing hair always remember to teach children the importance of conditioning lengths. Avoid conditioner on the scalp as it can encourage greasy roots but once the conditioner is applied to lengths, encourage kids to use a comb to detangle long hair with the conditioner in. Tangles and knots ease out much more pain-free and encouraging these good haircare habits from a young age will help them as their hair grows longer and longer.

When dry, include combing through hair as part of a morning and evening routine they get used to and can take over themselves too.


Beware of lice

Headlice is a common condition and nothing to worry about. But it is good to keep an eye on children’s hair, checking lengths and scalp thoroughly every few weeks – or at least monthly – to ensure they aren’t suffering from lice or nits. As headlice can spread very quickly, particularly in a school environment where kids play together, it is important to treat headlice and nits as soon as they appear so for more information on treating and preventing lice you can see our post here.


Tie it up

Long hair can be particularly hard to manage for children because it does require more effort and care to keep healthy. Sending little ones with long hair tied neatly into a pony tail or even into braids, plaits or buns can be a fun and creative way to encourage kids to love their lengthy locks. It’ll keep hair out of their face and eyes and prevent locks getting tangled through the day


Get a trim

Keeping children’s haircuts part of a regular and maintained routine is important for several reasons. Firstly, children’s hair grows incredibly quickly and keeping hair trimmed regularly encourages hair growth, fresh ends and healthy lengths. Children can also find visits to the hairdresser scary (because of the scissors and tools), boring and uncomfortable. Easing them into a regular routine at the hairdressers will allow them to get used to haircuts from a young age and ease away any apprehension they may feel.

If you have babies and toddler’s hair you would like to read haircare tips on see our post here






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