Hair Washing Mistakes to Avoid

Over-Washing Hair

Keep hair washing to maximum of 2-3 times a week as you want to avoid the inevitable heat drying and styling that comes thereafter as much as possible! Letting your hair air-dry is always an option if you do have oily or greasy hair that needs washing more often. Or, you can always consider a dry shampoo between washes to top up on that freshly-washed feeling without the hair drying and styling!


Too High a Water Temperature

No-one likes a cold shower but very hot hair can be drying and damaging for hair! Keep the water comfortably warm and always end your hair was with a spritz of cold water – this helps seal cuticles on hair strands down, locking in your conditioner and also smoothing down the hair.


Using the Wrong Shampoo & Conditioner

Getting your shampoo right is imperative. Avoid rich, heavy shampoos and conditioners if your hair is thick or prone to grease. Opt for a lightweight clarifying shampoo and only ever apply conditioner to lengths. For dry or frizzy hair a moisturising shampoo can help smooth and tame hair whilst leave-in conditioners can help keep it nourished and control frizz/static caused by dryness.


Focusing on the Lengths

When it comes to shampooing itself you want to focus on the scalp, cleansing the roots thoroughly and allowing the shampoo that trickles along the lengths to cleanse the rest of the hair for you, this helps avoid rubbing the long hair ends and taking away from a smooth finish.

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