Why you need to be doing this to flat hair!

We’ve all had them. Even those of us blessed with particularly luscious locks; the days where our hair is flatter than flat and that moment we honestly believe it couldn’t look limper if it tried! Well banish bad hair days now with these super simple steps to boosting volume in flat hair. From the first steps of styling to the 3-day-cheat-cleanse; we’ve got you covered with our top tips below!

Root Tip

Volume. It certainly starts at the roots! But the key is avoiding a heavy build up which ends up weighing and flattening hair down, but instead adding a lightweight lift at the scalp. Mousses are always a good bet as the air whipped into them helps avoid excess product on roots and helps an even spread at the roots.


Fresh Start

Hair that isn’t freshly wash can have a natural build-up of grease, impurities and other environmental pollutants which weigh hair down and give it a flat or limp appearance. We would always advise starting with freshly washed hair to add volumising products to so they may take real effect.


Sleep on It

Hair can often flatten as we sleep on it overnight or take a rather random appearance for when we awake in the morning! To keep hair under control and lock in plenty of volume and movement its always best to tie long hair up before bed. A bun or twists will help hair unfold with plenty of movement the following day and is particularly great for a relaxed tousled look.


Boost the cleanse

Hair can often loose its lustre and volume at the 2 to 3-day mark. If time is short and it’s a quick fix you’re looking for then investing in a good dry shampoo is a must! Spritz it lightly through the roots over the whole scalp and firmly massage it into the roots. The finger movements will also help lift limp strands while the dryness in the shampoo can counteract the effects of grease build up.


These simple steps can go a long way to help transform limp, lifeless and flat hair but for truly luscious results a trip to the hairdressers is always your best bet! Visit the Pink & Rose team to see what wonders they can work on your hair!

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