Hair Saviours for Half Term

Half term is upon us and whilst it’s a great time to rest and relax it’s also a good time to put a little TLC into your hair!


Trim Down

Been a while since you’ve seen your stylist? Get a trim in before the winter season hits to prepare hair for staying and looking healthy through the cold winter months. Regular trims help get rid of and more importantly, prevent, split ends. Getting a little off ever 6-8 weeks means you don’t have to chop plenty off later due to damaged ends and lengths



Why not pop a homemade hair masque on in the comfort of your own home? Avocado is full of natural oils that are incredible for hair! Whip up a ripe avocado with a tablespoon of coconut oil for added goodness – massage the paste into dry scalps and comb the excess through lengths to nourish hair from root to tip. Leave on for an hour or so then shampoo through thoroughly for super soft silky results.


Take a break

Styling hair for work and school is something we all know too well – but it’s important to give your hair regular periods of heat-free styling to prevent it from getting dry or damaged. Wash your hair on a day you’re not headed straight out and allow it to naturally dry instead of exposing it to hot hair from a hair dryer. And wherever possible, at least even for just this week – avoid hair straighteners and hair curlers. Try a simple up do bun or ponytail instead!

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