Hair Loss: Understand & Prevent

Hair loss is sadly a problem many of us face. Whether man or woman, hair loss can be caused by lots of different factors and in some cases can be helped to reverse. We take a look at some causes of thinning hair and what the easier steps to solving them are.



Hair loss or hair patterns can be hereditary. Conditions such as male pattern baldness play a big part in genetically determining what age men may lose their hair. And for women, genetics can determined the condition of your hair – whether it will be naturally thick or thin and the age you may begin to lose it can be similar to when the women of generations above began to lose theirs. Understanding what hair patterns in your family run like can help you plan your hair care routine and styles better.



Hormonal imbalances or changes such as pregnancy can do wonders for hair or cause hair to fall significantly due to all the changes your body is going through. But usually hair loss around pregnancy is temporary and leading a balanced lifestyle can help restore hair quicker.



As we get older, hair gets thinner. We continue to shed hair in our old age as we do in our youth, but our body becomes slower at regenerating our hair and as a result, we lose it faster than we can grow it. A good fix for this can be a shorter style; Hair can often look healthier and thicker if styled into shorter or cropped cuts.



Although diet as a whole cannot cause hair to thin, low levels of iron in the diet and therefore the blood can lead to increase hair loss. Its important to maintain healthy iron levels through your diet by including plenty of fresh leafy greens and purple vegetables which are all naturally iron-rich.

And foods rich in natural fats like avocado can help restore hairs lustre and shine, causing it to appear healthier and more full.

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