Hair Detox Must-Dos

Whether its at home or in-salon, this time of year we could all refresh our new year detox promises with a fresh injection of work. But its less a diet detox we are talking about and more of an all-important TLC program for your hair. Check out our top 6 solutions for guaranteed hair softness, smoothness and health.


In-Salon Steps


  1. Deep conditioning Ritual

At Pink & Rose Pinner, Harrow we offer our exclusive hair care ritual with L’Oreal Professional’s Mythic Oil range. Complete with a double cleanse and condition, pressure point massage with masque and a 20-minute steam treatment, this ritual restores nourishment, softness and shine to dry damaged hair. for more information see here


  1. Nanokeratin Smoothing Treatment

Our Nano program helps restore hair health from the inside out. Delivering strengthening keratin back into hair fibres, the 2-hour in-salon service helps combat frizz and unruly hair for super sleek, smooth results that last up  to 12 weeks. For more information see here


  1. Olaplex for Coloured Hair

From celebrities to stylists, olaplex is the new hair care favourite on everyone’s hit list. Formulated to help repair the broken disulphide bonds in hair that bleach and hair colouring break, olaplex replenishes coloured hair to its original strong, nourished and soft state. For use with colour or between touch ups, olaplex is a must for healthy hair that boasts vibrant colour. For more information see here


At Home Care


  1. Take-Away Masques

Speak to our stylists about taking home a hair masque that’s best for you. L’Oreal Professional’s range of hair masques cater to individual hair types for optimum results based on different hair concerns. From dry an damaged to limp and lifeless, at-home masques can help fix it all! Comb them through hair following a double cleanse in the shower for a few minutes and rinse off for an easy way to add condition and nourishment to hair. Its also important to finish your at home hair care and styling with a pump of all-important serum to add shine to hair and help prevent frizz!


  1. Up the Avocados

The link between a healthy diet and healthy hair is no secret at all and adding avocados to your diet really can be the key to unlocking added shine and strength to long locks. Rich in natural oils, avocados can help tackle parched and damaged hair from the inside out by restoring essential oils naturally present in the hair back.


  1. Massage More

Improving circulation to the scalp provides a whole host benefits! From stress relief to increased uptake of nutrients, massaging the scalp is a great way to nourish dry scalp skin with oils as well as allow better blood flow to the head and encourage hair growth. Coconut oil is always a great option to use too, as well as being one of the best hair oils natural has to offer its also lightweight and can wash away easily to leave hair grease-free later.


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