Hair Colour Care

Indulging in lighter hair over the summer or getting a whole new look for festival season can be wonderful but coming to the end of summer, its important to understand how best to care for your colour to keep it lasting well through the end of summer and right into winter!

  1. Olaplex it up!

Olaplex is not a conditioning treatment – it is a bonding treatment which helps repair the damage and broken hair bonds caused by cleaching and colouring hair. Whether you opt for it to be mixed into your next colour application or keep up with it between treatments as a stand-alone service, olaplex is the key to keeping your hair colour looking and feeling great, fresh and bright.

  1. Trim and Tone

The lengths and ends of hair can often suffer dryness and damage and coloured hair can often show this up that little bit more. Its important to keep the ends of your hair regularly trimmed to eliminate any split ends or brassy tips and keep colour looking its freshest! A toner can also help enhance faded or yellowy hair colour that’s gradually faded with washes.

  1. Use a colour care range at home

Adjusting your shampoo and conditioner for your coloured hair can help preserve the look of your hair colour for longer lasting results! Colour care shampoos and conditioner often include colour lock technology to prevent vibrant colour fading and often even subtly or gradually topping up your colour to keep it fresh and intense!

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