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Hair Benefits of Rose

Who ever said a rose can only be used to swoon a loved one? Used by ancient greeks and romans to perfume their baths and let the scent soothe their mind, rose petals have long since been a go-to for women everywhere seeking a natural, fragrant beauty solution.

Scalp Soother

Rose water is great for your hair and your scalp – particularly if you suffer from dryness, itchiness or flakiness. As well as boasting natural antiseptic and soothing properties, it also helps increase blood flow to hair follicles helping hair growth.

Squeaky Clean

Hair prone to dryness can benefit greatly from rose water. Mixing some up into your regular shampoo can help cleanse hair effectively without stripping it away off its natural oils. And the added bonus? Hair is left smelling blooming beautiful at the end of it!

Stress Buster

Along with rose water, rose oil is also great way to include the many benefits of rose into your hair regime. As an effective anti-inflammatory, rose oil does wonders when massaged into the head after a stressful day. It also soothes scalps and hair that are tense from pulled-back ponytails, hair extensions and tightly bound hair-do’s. Leave it in overnight or even just for 15 minutes under a warm towel for a scent-sational deep condition.


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