Hair & Beauty Myths Uncovered

This month Pink & Rose Hair Salon, Pinner, is shedding light on just some of the beauty myths we’ve been asked about by clients!


  1. Toothpaste will fix spots


We’ve all heard of it – pop some toothpaste on your pimple overnight for blemish free skin in the morning. Whilst it may have worked for some as the mint in it can be drying; more often than not inflamed pimples can be worsened by toothpaste particularly if the skin is broken or irritated in this area.


  1. Dirty skin = acne


Acne is not caused by dirt on the skin but the sebum (oil) in your skin trapping the P. Acnes bacteria in pores causing inflammation. Scrubbing your skin clean will only dry and imbalance it causing more sebum to be produced and as a result – maybe more spots. Focus on finding what the root cause of your spots are and look to simpler, longer term solutions that will balance and enhance your skins natural state to help tackle acne.


  1. Cutting hair regularly will make it grow faster


Unfortunately this one is not true. When trying to grow out your hair hair stylists will ofter encourage you to get regular trims in order to help this. This is because regular trims will keep the ends of hair healthy and prevent splitting and damage – that way every time you’re in only the bare minimum needs to be taken off and hair can continue to grow long but enduring the lengths and ends look healthy. Leaving it too long between trims means a lot more will need to be taken off, keeping hair from growing to its longest.

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