Get Your Hair to Grow Now!

We are all about long hair at Pink & Rose! But whether its super long locks your growing or just maintaing your current lengths, there are three simple steps you can take now to help hair along!


Eat right

Foods rich in omega oils, iron, vitamins D and B are ideal for hair! So consume the right foods as part of a balanced diet and your hair will reap the benefits too! From stronger health to shinier, glossy locks, eating right is a sure-fire way to help your hair grow and grow healthier!


Care Correctly

Your at-home hair care routine is essential helping hair grow. Ensuring you brush it twice daily carefully and gently removing any knots will help remove hairs that naturally fall, without preventing the loss of additional healthy hair. Opt for lukewarm water of boiling hot and be gentle with towel drying hair too – patting it dry rather than quickly rubbing through it! And cutting out unnecessary heat styling will also go miles in helping prevent hair damage and loss for thicker healthier hair in time!


Trim Up

Getting regular trims with the hairdresser prevents split ends and breakage that will over time add to bigger chops being required and lots more hair fall! Keep hair looking and feeling healthy with regular trims approximately 6-8 weeks apart.

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