Get Dark Hair to its Glossiest

Find out the Cause

Damaged hair often results in open cuticles along the hair fibres which can make it appear unsmooth and unable to reflect light for a beautiful gloss! Start by using a regular smoothing hair mask for damaged hair to help smooth down those cuticles for a mirror shine!


Work from the inside out

Eating the right foods can help enhance the health of hair and in turn the shine of hair. Avocados and foods rich in omega oils like fish and nuts help resotre the natural oils in your hair that may be stripped away by heat, chemicals and dry air. And because they are good fats you eat, rather oils you apply topically, your hair wont be kleft greasy but healthy and nourished over time.


Enhance the Colour

Always use a colour enhancing shampoo and conditioner formauled to lock in colour and keep it vibrant. Faded brunette hair can often look very dull even if it is healthy!


Finish the look Beautifully

Once you have dried or straightened your hair pump a quick spritz of hair spray over your hair brush before brushing it through. This avoids coating your hair with a full spray of it but instead will smooth down any fly-aways that could take away from the smooth silky and shiny finish.


See your Stylist

Home care for your hair is important to maintain but seeing your stylist regularly is also a must. Regular trims will keep hair looking on-point and asking for a cleat glaze in the salon can add plenty of healthy shine too! It’s similar to applying a tint but it’s a colour free one so it just adds lots of gloss without dye.

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