Frizzy hair? Read this

Whether it’s a bad spell of frizz you’re suffering with or your curls have gone more wild than wavy, Pink & Rose hairdressers have some quick tips to help with taming frizz and making the best of your hair lengths.


  1. Brush wet not dry


Detangling hair once dried after washing it can lead to hair breakage and frizz. Its best when washing hair to run a wide toothed comb through the lengths when the conditioner is in. It will remove any knots much easier and smooth down cuticles of the hair strands to lead to a smoother, sleeker finish.


  1. Power up your Conditioner


Always opt for a conditioner with added protein to help manage frizz and help hair look healthier and smoother.


  1. Avoid Over Straightening


Over use of heat styling products can lead to parching the hair which causes more static and frizz. Leave hair to air-dry naturally where possible and if you do heat style hair often, do use a weekly conditioning mask to help keep hair nourished and well conditioned.


  1. Invest in a treatment


The nanokeratin hair smoothing treatment tames frizz and infuses hair with keratin to strengthen and revive hair health. Required every 3 months approximately the nanokeratin treatment helps keep hair smooth and sleek between hair appointments.

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