Food and Drinks that can make your skin worse

  1. Coffee

High in caffeine, coffee is a natural diuretic which can cause dehydration in the skin. Caffeine can also alter natural sleeping patterns and prevents the natural cycle of skin rejuvenation as you sleep – resulting in dull, dry and lacklustre skin.

Simple Swap:  Try swapping your umpteenth cup of coffee with a herbal tea bursting with natural flavour and goodness!


  1. Gluten-Free Foods

Many gluten-free or substitute foods have more than usual additives and preservatives to make up for the lack of gluten present in the items. High in sugar, fats and preservatives to help better their flavour and texture, gluten free foods can lead to congested, spot-prone skin.

Simple-Swap: Always read the ingredients labels on gluten free foods to better understand which items to avoid and opt for organic produce or even home-made if you have the time just to ensure you know exactly what’s going into your foods.


  1. Low-Protein Options

If you are vegetarian or vegan, the exclusion of meat and fish in your diet can mean your skin is missing out on protein and natural oils such as omega-3; leading to dull, dry or even irritated skin. It’s important to understand that protein in the diet helps skin rejuvenate and heal itself whilst natural, healthy oils help keep skin looking resilient and plump.

Simple Swap: Less of a swap and more of an addition; opt for foods rich in natural oils like avocados in your diet along with Nut butters are also a great option to up the protein as well the good fats!

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