The Real Secret to Perfect Brows

We all wish we had them – fuller, thicker brows with a perfectly groomed shape. Well, now you can achieve these in two simple steps!


The Tint

Unlike brow shaping such as threading, tweezing or waxing which remove hairs to achieve a certain shape, tinting is a hair colour treatment in which the hairs in your eyebrows are dyed to achieve a darker look.

The beauty about brow tinting is it can be done as many or few shades darker as you like – they don’t have to be solid black they can be a lighter shade of brown, a mature shade of grey or even just a dark blonde for a subtle but refined difference.

Only taking about 5 minutes, the hair dye penetrates brow hairs instantly and the colour is locked in for 4 weeks, in line with the rate of growth. This helps brows look full and thick all day long without having to apply any brow filler makeup. It also helps had more structure to brows and lift away any greys that can make brows look thinner than they actually are.

The benefits are immediate and instantaneously brows look thicker and more defined; and the best bit? Tinting isn’t just for fair brows. It can help even dark brows look fuller. As the hair dye and nourishment penetrates individual hair fibres and can thicken each strand via the coating of colour provided. The added layer to strands increases the overall diameter of brow hairs and all together, they look thicker.


The Brow Shape

Threading the delicate brow area over waxing is normally better. The simple reason being it avoids pulling and tugging on the thin, delicate skin around the eye area – which helps prevent drooping and ageing of the skin around the brows.

Threading enables the efficient removal of brow hairs with ultimate precision, allowing for a groomed and defined shape that can be as natural or structured as desired! Together with a tint, a thread can really help enhance the look of eyebrows and add to the overall appearance of the face’s bone structure too!

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