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Colour Tips

Nothing beats the look and feel of freshly coloured, radiant looking hair. But it’s all about maintenance when it comes to keeping locks luscious and vibrant between appointments.

  1. Healthy Hair from the Inside Out

It’s a classic but it’s true – you are what you eat. Just as is the case for our skin & nails, a nutritious diet is a big part of maintaining healthy hair. Foods rich in natural oils, such as avocados and fish, are a great way to nourish and strengthen dry or damaged hair fibres from the inside out.

  1. Make yourself a mask

Hair colour looks best and lasts longest on hair that is healthy and well nourished to begin with. Before and after tinting it’s important to condition hair regularly – particularly if lightening or bleaching the hair as this process can strip hair of its natural moisture. Damaged hair does not often hold color well so be sure to indulge in a weekly treatment or at-home hair mask that delivers moisture down into each strand.

  1. Cool Runnings

Trick of the trade – run your lengths through cold water after washing your hair. The cold rinse will help seal cuticles to preserve colour and give hair an overall smoother, silkier look and feel.

  1. Skip the alcohol – and the sulphates

Styling products with alcohol as well as shampoo with sulphates can often strip hair of tints, causing the colour to fade significantly. Pink & Rose retails a deeply conditioning product line ideal for coloured, damaged or treated hair. Our Osmo range of Shampoos & Conditioners are the perfect sulphate-free solution for both coloured and chemically straightened do’s.

  1. Turn down the heat

Heat styling such as using flat irons can severely dehydrate and even ‘cook’ your hair. Evaporating the moisture right out leaves hair dry, frizzy and lacking vibrancy. So before you reach over for your GHD’s or even the blow-dryer be sure to protect hair. GHD’s Heat Protect Spray is one we swear by in the salon as it covers the hair with a light protective coat, sealing in moisture for a sleek look that lift multi-tonal shades.

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