Caring for your highlights

T’is the season to freshen up your look with some highlights or even a beautiful balayage. But maintaining it is just as important as creating it so read up on our super easy tips on how best to care for your colour!


  1. Little and often


Stay on top of your trims. Bleaching hair can often dry it out – particularly on the ends, leaving hair with split ends. Trimming it often can mean you take the tiniest bit of each time but this will help maintain healthy tips and overall better looking lengths without going short!


  1. Try olaplex


Once is all you need to get hooked! Olaplex is a scientifically developed bond repairing system which helps restore strength and health back to bleached, dyed and damaged hair. It is not a conditioning treatment for the outer layers of hair strands but more of an internally focused treatment which repairs the hair fibres from within; keeping bleached hair looking super healthy and shiny.


  1. Go sulphate free


Using a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner is not only gentler to your hair but sulphates can strip away hair colour over time leaving it looking dull and faded. Stick to sulphate free hair cleansers and conditioners for a clarifying clean that’s still gentle on the hair.

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