Brow Tips by Pink and Rose

Eyebrows. They’ve been the forefront of fashion and our faces for years so its time to make it clear: life is too short to have bad brows!

Pink & Rose founder Priyanca Patel is an expert when it comes to maintaining beautiful brows and bringing back to life ones that need a little help. Having written about, advised on and threaded her way to brow expertise, she shares the top brow tips she shared with VOGUE.


Its all about precision and understanding what is right for your face and your style.


The Consultation.

Thread, wax or tweeze? Thats the big decision.

Brow Wax.

Waxing is great for quick and effective hair removal for finer hairs and a smooth finish. If its wild brows we are looking to tame a wax might just be the way.

Brow Thread.

But for a look more sleek and styled, threading is a good option to remove stubborn hairs with ultra-precision and leave brows looking super defined.

Brow Tweeze.

Which leaves brow option number 3 – tweezing. Shunned by most beauticians its rare that a salon will offer or advise tweezing. Why? Its not advisable on your own! Tweezing is suitable method for going over natural brows you want to keep natural – but just groom a little. Leave it to the experts though because getting tweezer happy is too easy and before you know it you’ve lost half a brow! We can handpick the individual hairs that need to be removed with little effect to your brows but a gorgeous overall result for perfectly groomed, thick, natural eyebrows.

The Aftercare

Your beautician is your eyebrows best friend – so visit often! But its not always that easy, so between appointments we advise the right aftercare and maintenance programme at home. Follow my top DIY brow tips on Vogue India.

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