7 Tips for a Pain-Free Bikini Wax

From Brazil to Hollywood, whatever you’re opting for bikini waxes can be a painful ordeal no matter how skilled an expert your therapist is. To help, here are some super quick and easy tips to help your next wax go smoother than ever!


Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating the area can help buff away dead skin cells revealing any trapped or ingrown hairs that can come away more easily during the wax.


Time it with your monthlies

Periods can sensitize the area further due to the increased blood flow. So we always advise avoiding a wax during or even just after your time of the month!


Painkillers Help

Popping a painkiller such as paracetamol can help with pain relief; take it as per the packet instructions about 45 minutes before your appointment.


Make sure your hair is ready

Having the right length of hair helps make hair removal much easier. Too short and you won’t get a clean finish but will have the same area waxed more than once to remove as many hairs as possible to prevent the repeat application by having hair about a ¼ inch long at your wax. Too long and the pull will be excruciating so a trim beforehand is always best.


Quit Shaving

If youre hoping to get a bikini wax between regular shaves, its always best to stop about 3-4 weeks before you book. Shaved hairs that are fresh and short can be too stubborn or brittle to remove with wax, they wont adhere and may even snap instead of being pulled out of the root causing a less than smooth result.


Sunburn Soreness

Skin is ultra-sensitive when sunburnt and waxing can irritate sensitised, sore or damaged skin even further so always wait until your skin is properly healed before booking.


Post-Wax Pyjamas

After your bikini wax stick to simple cotton underwear that allows the skin to breathe and free from embellishments which might scratch or irritate the area. It’s also best to wear lose comfortable clothing like pyjamas for the same reason!

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