Bikini line terms: clarified!

Booking in for a bikini line wax can be dread enough let alone figuring out whether it’s a Hollywood you want or the infamous landing strip – which is a vegas or a brazillian? Or is it an extended? Well here to clear it all up is our quick guide! Please note the purple on the illustrations indicates the hair that is left.


The basic bikini


This follows the edge of normal briefs underwear. Such that when standing up, looking at the bikini line from the front, there will be no hair visible around the underwear.



The extended bikini


This goes higher up than the edge of normal briefs underwear. Such that if you were to move your underwear around you still wouldn’t see the hair but there would still be hair over the pubic area if you were to take the underwear off.


The brazillian


Often referred to as the vegas too because it has a single strip of hair in the front, middle of the pubic area. All the hair from the labia, and underneath approaching the buttocks is all taken off too.


The Hollywood


The whole hog! Hollywood waxes involve taking all of the hair from the bikini line, pubic area, underneath approaching the buttocks and in between the buttocks too off.

On the whole, always use hot wax and work in small sections of the area to make it more comfortable and less painful for clients. Towards the end strip wax can be used to remove any fine hair remaining as well as residual bits of the hot wax for a clean, smooth result!

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