Benefits of Olaplex

  1. Restores hair to its original health


Split ends. Breakages. Hair fall. We’ve all had it. Over processed hair, be it due to over-bleaching or daily heat styling with straighteners and tongs, our hair is prone to damage that we don’t realize can build up over time. Olaplex works by fusing the broken bonds in your hair back together and strengthening hair to its original virgin-hair heath. What that means for the way it looks? Hair appears smoother (especially when teamed with a quick trim!) and feels stronger and much more resilient. At Pink & Rose, Pinner, Harrow, our stylists love Olaplex and recommend it to all our colour clients!


  1. Its not just for blonde’s…


Whilst bleached hair is often most damaged, even brunettes suffer with hair damage when going lighter or when heat styling hair – not to mention the damaging effect environmental stressors such as pollution and dehydration can have on healthy hair! Olaplex works equally well on dark hair in need of repair as it does on blonde hair.


  1. …But you can go blonde!


Olaplex helps protect hair against future damage and fix existing damage – this combination means stylists can now use more bleach if required and take hair colour to even lighter, more daring shades with the olaplex!


  1. Use with or without colour


Although effective with colour treatments – meaning stylists can add olaplex itself to your tints whenever you get your roots, highlights or balayage done – olaplex must be used as a maintenance treatment between colour sessions too! It continues to protect hair and keeps it super soft, sleek and shiny due by keeping hair healthy from the inside out!


Olaplex is available at Pink & Rose Hair Salon Pinner, Harrow.

Treatments are from £30 with hair colour.

Pink & Rose | 45 Bridge street | HA5 3HR |Pinner, Harrow

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